The Small Business Financial Exchange, Inc.

“Created by small business lenders for the small business lenders” The Small Business Financial Exchange, Inc., or SBFE®, is a non-profit trade organization for small business lenders that advocates for the safe, blind exchange of small business financial data.  SBFE’s give-to-get requirements, data use safeguards, governance and compliance oversight provide SBFE Members peace of mind […]

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“Created by small business lenders for the small business lenders”

The Small Business Financial Exchange, Inc., or SBFE®, is a non-profit trade organization for small business lenders that advocates for the safe, blind exchange of small business financial data.  SBFE’s give-to-get requirements, data use safeguards, governance and compliance oversight provide SBFE Members peace of mind knowing their sensitive business customer account information is protected.
Formed in early 2001 by small business lenders, SBFE was the first, and remains the only, independent industry-governed consortium of its type.  SBFE sets the standards by which other give-to-get exchanges are compared.  SBFE is not owned or run by a commercial credit bureau, and SBFE Members continue to own the data they submit to SBFE and the SBFE Data Warehouse™.  Our Board of Directors is made up of twenty-one Member elected representatives and our subgroups are open to all Members.
The Small Business Financial Exchange, Inc. has four primary objectives:
  • Promote the growth and health of the small business credit industry and success of small business enterprises through enhanced access to credit, while protecting the interests of creditors, small business owners, and approved data vendors.
  • Oversee the operating rules and standards that protect its Members’ data and control of its use by others.
  • Establish reporting standards and operating practices that insure the highest data quality, data integrity, and data security.
  • Provide effective self-governance as an independent organization that is a trusted advocate on behalf of the industry and guardian of SBFE Members’ data.
As the most trusted exchange in the industry, the SBFE Data Warehouse™ has grown to contain information on an estimated 24 million businesses and is the most robust source of small business credit data in the U.S.  SBFE Data™ may only used for risk management purposes under SBFE’s industry established reciprocity rules or to provide our Members insight into overall business credit behaviors.
SBFE is not a commercial credit bureau as it does not compile business credit reports, risk scores or any other type of report on individual businesses.  However, an approved SBFE Certified Vendor™ is allowed to build risk management products such as business credit reports, scores and other risk management services to sell to SBFE Members.  However, SBFE strictly prohibits its Members’ data from being used to build or augment marketing lists or for target marketing purposes.  SBFE’s independent oversight actively monitors SBFE Certified Vendors and Members use for compliance with SBFE’s Data Use Restrictions.

  • Network with Members on LinkedIn!

    Are you an SBFE Member? Join SBFE’s private Member network on LinkedIn and connect with other small business lending executives accross the country.  Share ideas, post questions or newsworthy items and network with peers.  Join now at SBFE on LinkedIn.

  • SBFE Approves Dun and Bradstreet as an SBFE Certified Vendor

    SBFE is announcing that Dun & Bradstreet has been approved by the Small Business Financial Exchange, Inc. Board of Directors as an SBFE Certified Vendor™.  As a SBFE Certified Vendor, Dun & Bradstreetgains access to the SBFE Data™ on more than 24 million small businesses. Through this relationship, SBFE Members will gain increased visibility on small businesses to better assess their performance, credit line utilization, and payment delinquency through Dun & Bradstreet.

    “We are excited to announce Dun & Bradstreet has qualified as a Certified Vendor under SBFE’s new business model.  SBFE is deeply rooted in the financial industry and was chartered to transform how small business lenders share their customer data.  Under SBFE’s new business model, SBFE Members own, control the use of, and manage the quality and accuracy of their customer data through a single data feed to the SBFE Data Warehouse™,” said Carolyn Hardin-Levine, chief executive officer, SBFE.

    SBFE has long been the most robust and trusted source of small business financial credit information. Its new business model provides even greater data protection and control for its Members.  In order for Dun & Bradstreet to qualify as an SBFE Certified Vendor, it had to meet, and must continue to meet, very high hurdles – SBFE’s information security, data governance and control requirements, and independent oversight.

    Josh Peirez, chief operating officer, Dun & Bradstreet said, “We are proud to be the first to partner with SBFE to provide our financial services customers with the additional insight and analytics needed to better evaluate risk associated with small businesses.”

    This announcement is another a milestone in the evolution of SBFE and its charter to serve the small business lending community. SBFE’s mission – to facilitate the safe exchange of our Members’ data through a multi-vendor delivery channel to fuel innovative risk management solutions for the benefit of our Members – will drive the healthy growth of small businesses so that they thrive and further fuel the U.S. economy.”

  • 2017 Annual Member Meeting

    Planning is underway for the 2017 Annual Member Meeting! Details to come!

  • LexisNexis Risk Solutions Qualifies as SBFE Certified Vendor

    LexisNexis® Risk Solutions, a technology, data and analytics company, has qualified and been approved as an SBFE Certified Vendor™.   LexisNexis announced in its press release that it plans to build credit reports, scores, attributes and other risk-decisioning products for use by SBFE Members to provide never-before-available insights and predictive capabilities into small business credit risk decisioning.

    “SBFE is pleased to announce LexisNexis Risk Solutions has qualified to be an SBFE Certified Vendor,” said SBFE CEO Carolyn Hardin-Levine. “As a Certified Vendor, LexisNexis meets SBFE’s high data security governance, control and independent oversight requirements. SBFE is excited about the new product innovation LexisNexis will deliver to our membership as a Certified Vendor.”

    LexisNexis plans to release in the coming months  exclusive products that combine its vast U.S. business and consumer data with SBFE payment-performance data. LexisNexis’s U.S. business coverage, culled from more than 13,000 public records and proprietary sources, will provide unique coverage of small, new and niche businesses to help solve the problem of identifying and linking people who are connected to a small business. LexisNexis intends to empower SBFE Members to find underpenetrated consumer segments, offer attractive terms while managing risk, and manage default risk at multiple stages of the credit lifecycle.

    “SBFE Members will benefit from the LexisNexis relationship in ways that were unimaginable until this announcement,” said Rick Trainor, CEO, Business Services, LexisNexis Risk Solutions. “The combination of our coverage of U.S. businesses and ability to link consumer risk data with the SBFE financial data will yield a significant increase in the predictive power of SBFE Members’ small business credit risk decisioning so that Members can grow their businesses more profitably.”

    Today’s news reflects a new relationship between SBFE and LexisNexis. Hardin-Levine explained. “While SBFE contracted with LexisNexis several years ago to host our SBFE Data Warehouse, being approved to receive SBFE Data to build products for our Members as a Certified Vendor is a separate and distinct arms-length relationship between our organizations.”