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As a small business owner, your commercial credit report reflects the payment behavior of your business with creditors and suppliers. When you apply for credit, your business credit history is accessed by potential creditors. Your businesses credit history is also monitored by existing creditors for potential increase in credit limits and new credit product offers.

How does my business credit report differ from my consumer file?

Your consumer credit report contains credit information which you have secured as an individual, such as your personal car loan, student loans, home mortgage and personal credit and retail cards. Your business credit report contains similar account types, but they have been secured in your business’s name.

Is SBFE the only source for my business credit report?

SBFE is not a commercial credit bureau – we are a give-to-get data exchange for small business lenders. SBFE does NOT compile or produce business credit reports. Dun & Bradstreet, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, and Equifax are SBFE Certified Vendors™ that sell SBFE Data™-driven products to SBFE Members in the form of business credit reports, business credit scores, and other similar products. While many commercial credit reporting vendors have expressed interest in becoming an SBFE Certified Vendor, Dun & Bradstreet, LexisNexis and Equifax are the only SBFE Certified Vendors at this time. SBFE will continue to provide notifications and updates regarding new SBFE Certified Vendors as they are approved.

What if there is an account on my business credit report that isn’t mine? 

Just as with your consumer credit report, you can dispute any data you feel is incorrectly represented on your business credit report. It is recommended that as a small business owner, you should request a copy of your business credit file from commercial credit bureau agencies at least once a year. SBFE, because it is not a commercial credit bureau, cannot provide you with a copy of your business credit report or help you dispute an item on a business credit report.  Only a commercial credit bureau can provide a copy of your report and start the dispute process for you.